Approved/Restricted Sales

What (and How Much) Can I Sell?

Why It Matters

Merchant accounts are underwritten by a processor that imposes limitations in order to minimize its risk, and is also subject to Visa/MasterCard regulations. Not adhering to these rules could result in the termination of your merchant account.

Transaction Size & Monthly Volume

iTransact MA Lite accounts are approved for a monthly sales volume of up to $5,000 in card transactions. iTransact MA Pro accounts are approved for a monthly sales volume of up to $10,000 in card transactions.

The approved “ticket size” (total per-transaction amount) is up to $500 on accounts established through January 2010, and up to $1000 on accounts (both Pro and Lite) established after that. Please do not run sales exceeding these amounts; even if they are electronically approved, they may result in your funds being held by the processor. Please note that multiple charges to the same credit card are considered by processors to be a “split ticket,” i.e., multiple parts of a single sale.

If you anticipate needing higher limits, please contact iTransact before you exceed your limits; we can assist you with a request for the higher amounts.

Also, if you are expecting a sudden spike in transactions – even within your approved limits – please contact iTransact in advance of the sales so that we can help alleviate the processor’s fraud concerns.

Approved Sales

Your merchant account is approved for the sale of Market America products, including Motives and Nutrametrix products. It is not approved for the sale of non-Market America products or services.

Your portal, of course, lists many non-Market America items offered by Partner Stores. When your customers buy Partner Store items, they are buying directly from the Partner Stores; you are not making these sales through your merchant account.

If you would like a separate merchant account for the sale of non-Market America products or services, we can help; please contact iTransact to apply.

Sales to Yourself

Please do not charge any of your own (or your spouse’s) credit cards, either via your Virtual Terminal or by buying Market America products from your own portal. This is considered a cash advance and is prohibited by Visa/MasterCard regulations. (Besides, it accomplishes nothing, since you are both paying out and receiving the same funds.)

It is perfectly fine to buy Partner Store items through your portal since you are paying the Partner Store, not yourself, for these items.

Sales on Behalf of Others

Your merchant account is only for you to collect payment on your sales to your own customers. It is a violation of Visa/MasterCard regulations (as well as a risk for you) to let anyone else use your merchant account for their transactions.

Sales of Web Sites

Your account is not approved for the sale of web sites. Your Webcenter has its own built-in payment method for those sales.

Event Ticket & Training Sales

iTransact MA Lite Accounts

You may use your iTransact MA Lite account to accept payment for Market America-sanctioned trainings and for sales of tickets to Market America events. Please note, however: Before you begin accepting payments for trainings or other events, you must contact iTransact and notify us of your intention. Also, please remember that your account is subject to the Transaction Size & Monthly Volume limits listed above. Both notifying us in advance and adhering to limits are very important in avoiding processing issues.

iTransact MA Pro Accounts

You may use your iTransact MA Pro account to sell small numbers of tickets you have purchased to Market America’s official corporate-sponsored events, as long as the event is no more than 90 days away. iTransact MA Pro accounts are not approved to accept payment for other events and trainings, and you may not use your account to sell tickets on behalf of other distributors, your district, your region, etc. If you or your group would like a merchant account for trainings or event ticket sales, we can help; please contact iTransact to apply.