Pricing for iTransact Pro

This is iTransact’s explanation of the fee structure of iTransact Pro, our term for an iPayment merchant account for your Market America business. (Note that iTransact is not iPayment.) The verbiage on this page does not supersede anything in your iPayment Merchant Processing Agreement.

Setup/Service Fees

  • Application/Setup: FREE! Originally $200.00
    This fee was reduced to $100-$150, then waived entirely beginning with applications received in February, 2007.
  • Monthly Service Fee: Only $14.95! Originally $69.95
    Initially $69.95, this fee was later dropped to $25.00, where it remained for several years. Now only $14.95, the monthly fee is drafted from your checking account at the beginning of each month.
  • Monthly Statement: FREE!
    Near the beginning of each month, iPayment mails you a statement which details all fees for the previous month. Most merchants pay their providers a statement fee of $5.00 to $10.00 per month. This fee has been waived, however, for Market America distributors.
    Note: The Monthly Service Fee (above) may be listed on your billing statement as a “statement fee” rather than a “service fee.” This is to simplify billing and is not an additional fee.
  • Call-A-Charge (Transactions by Telephone) Service: FREE! Originally $5.00/month
    This is for the additional capability of processing transactions by telephone and has been included free since February, 2007. Service details.
  • American Express Monthly Service: FREE! Formerly $7.95
    As of June, 2010, Market America Distributors can now add the ability to accept American Express cards with no additional monthly fee! Details.
  • PCI Compliance Certification Fee: INCLUDED!
    Merchant account providers typically charge up to $200-300 per year to certify your PCI compliance. Your certification capability is included in your $14.95 monthly fee. PCI info.
  • Annual Membership: FREE!
    Many merchant account providers charge a membership fee, often up to $100 per year. No such fee is assessed to Market America distributors.

Transaction-Related Fees

  • Authorization Fee: 31 cents
    This is a flat fee for each attempted card transaction (charge, credit, or void) and each batch settlement. A batch settlement is the aggregation of transactions for deposit into (or withdrawal from) your checking account, and automatically occurs once on each business day for which you have one or more successful transactions.
    All authorization fees incurred in a calendar month are billed together with the Monthly Service Fee at the beginning of the following month.
  • AVS Fee: 5 cents
    This is a flat fee for each attempted purchase. AVS (Address Verification Service) is used to inform you whether the address and zip code your customer provided match the information on file with his/her credit card bank.
    All AVS fees incurred in a calendar month are billed together with the Monthly Service Fee at the beginning of the following month.
  • American Express Transaction Fee: 15 cents
    American Express charges an an additional 15 cents for each American Express card transaction. (Accepting American Express cards is recommended but optional.)
    • Discount Rate (all card types but American Express): 2.37% (Compare Market America’s non-iTransact rate: 3.00%) This is a percentage-of-transaction-amount fee for each charge or credit. For example, on a $100.00 purchase, a 2.37% discount rate yields a fee of $2.37. This discount rate is for what the card associations deem qualified transactions. Most transactions are qualified. However, some transactions (e.g., some purchases made with rewards cards) are deemed mid-qualified; the discount rate on these is an additional 0.8%. Other transactions (e.g., purchases made with some corporate cards or foreign cards) are deemed non-qualified; the discount rate on these is an additional 1.5%.
    • Discount-rate fees are deducted at the time of the daily batch rather than at the beginning of the following month.
    • Note that MA distributors who don’t have iTransact are charged 3.00% by MA for each credit card sale run through their portal. Due to this fee alone, distributors can actually save money by having iTransact.
  • Discount Rate (American Express): 3.50%
    This is a percentage-of-transaction-amount fee for each American Express charge or credit. For example, on a$100.00 purchase, a 3.50% discount rate yields a fee of $3.50.
    • Discount-rate fees are deducted at the time of the daily batch rather than at the beginning of the following month.
    • Accepting American Express cards is optional.
  • Monthly Minimum: None Formerly $10.00
    Many merchants are required to pay a $25 monthly minimum total of Discount Rate fees. This amount was initially lowered to $10—and now has been waived entirely—for Market America distributors.

Other/Special Circumstances Fees

  • MA Rewards Program
    Whether or not you have iTransact, your customers’ “Paid to Shop” Cashback rewards are funded by you. If you didn’t have iTransact, MA would deduct these amounts from your profits. Since you have iTransact, they instead appear as a line item on your iPayment statement. Details.
  • Checking Account Change
    If you change the checking account associated with your merchant account (i.e., your checking used for deposit of your customers’ payments and withdrawal of fees), iPayment will charge a $25 processing fee to the new account.
  • Billing Reject/NSF
    If iPayment’s attempt to bill your checking account for your merchant account fees is rejected by your bank for insufficient funds (NSF) or another reason, iPayment will charge an “ACH Return Item Fee” of $25.
  • Chargeback
    If a cardholder contacts his/her bank saying a charge from you is erroneous, the bank may reverse (charge back) the transaction. In that scenario, iPayment assesses a fee of $25.
  • Voice Authorization
    iTransact’s Virtual Terminal and Call-a-Charge service (both included in your E-Commerce package) eliminate your need to call the processing bank for card authorization assistance. If you do call the bank for such assistance, however, they bill “voice authorization” fees. Please contact iTransact for more details.
  • Early Termination
    Market America distributors receive special “term and termination” consideration. Whereas most merchant account agreements are for a term of two to three years (with substantial penalties for early termination), iPayment’s merchant agreement for Market America distributors has been specifically rewritten to include no termination penalty at any time.
  • Account Reactivation
    If you close your merchant account and subsequently would like to reopen it, iPayment first will need to collect any fees you may have left unpaid on your previous account. Once the account is reinstated, they may also assess a $25 account reactivation fee.