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Build Your Business Faster with iTransact!

Only with iTransact can you…

  • Swipe cards using your mobile device.

  • Sell products anywhere.

  • Accept all major card types.

  • Provide actual one-to-one service.

  • Strategically place your BV.

More benefits of an iTransact account for your Market America + Shop.com business.

Account Comparison

MA E-commerce iTransact MA Lite Account iTransact MA Pro Merchant Account
Pricing First year: $100
Subsequent years: $59
Monthly Processing Limit $5,000 $10,000
Discount Rate (Portal Orders) 3.00% 3.00% 2.37% (Qualified rate)
Discount Rate (Keyed Transactions) Not possible 3.00% 2.37% (Qualified rate)
Discount Rate (Swiped Transactions) Not possible 2.60% 2.37% (Qualified rate)
Card Types Accepted Visa and MasterCard only Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and more Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and more
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Why Do You Need iTransact?

Real businesses need real control of sales.

Only with iTransact can you control your customers’ payments, delivery, and level of customer service. Here are some things you can do with iTransact that you can’t do with “MA E-commerce,” Market America’s beginners-only service:

Get paid directly.

How valuable is your time? With iTransact, customer payments are automatically deposited into your checking account. No need to request a check from MA or wait for it to arrive in the mail and then make a trip to the bank. And were you aware that adding iTransact lowers your per-sale transaction fee?

Sell anywhere.

iTransact automatically connects to your portal, but not all sales are made online! With iTransact you can accept credit cards anywhere, anytime, from anyone. Product Previews. Motives Clinics. Home Kickoffs. Health Professional offices. Next-door neighbors. Run charges online or with your phone. And only distributors with iTransact can have product-specific mini-websites.

Accept more card types.

Instead of just Visa and MasterCard, iTransact also allows you to accept Discover, Diners Club, JCB, China Union Pay, Korean BC both on and off your portal! With iTransact MA Pro, you can also accept American Express! Why turn away customers who use other card types?

Reorder without starting over.

With iTransact, when your niece calls wanting more product, you can quickly charge her card (even for a different amount) without having to collect her info again. iTransact securely stores your customers’ information without purging it, making reorders a snap.

Customize pricing.

Don’t limit your customers to the prices and shipping costs on your portal. With iTransact, you can charge your customers special amounts. Offer a deal. Give a percentage discount. Waive shipping. Also, full or partial refunds, when needed, are very easy.

Customize delivery.

Only with iTransact can you choose to fulfill credit card orders out of your existing inventory. If you still want Market America to drop-ship it for you, great, but you can also choose to deliver it yourself and personalize it: Affix reordering info to the product itself. Add a thank-you note, sample, brochure, fridge magnet, Isotonix® cup – anything to gain your customer’s loyalty.

Strategically place your BV.

Place BV from customer orders into any of your Business Development Centers. You’re not limited to the auto-placement you’ve previously specified. Better manage your BV and maximize your compensation plan.

Strengthen one-to-one relationships.

With iTransact, you maintain the relationship with your customers throughout the buying process. Otherwise, you’re just pushing your customers off to an impersonal warehouse. Which method is truly One-to-One Marketing?

Accept Payments on Your Mobile Devices

Swipe credit cards and enter transactions on your Apple iOS and Google Android devices.