Distributors Outside the USA

iTransact’s services are currently available only to Market America distributors located within the 50 United States. The main reason for this is that in most other countries, a merchant account (i.e., the authority to accept credit cards) must be obtained directly from a bank, not from a Merchant Service Provider like iTransact.

Canadian Distributors

In the past, some Canadian distributors set up with iTransact using merchant accounts obtained from First Data Canada and TD Bank. If you are one of these distributors, your payment gateway (the mechanism for processing credit cards, e.g., the Virtual Terminal) is provided by iTransact and billed by iTransact at a price of C$9.95 per month. Your merchant account (the authority to accept credit cards) is provided by First Data Canada and TD Bank and is billed by those entities at prices they have established.

For questions about your iTransact payment gateway, please contact iTransact. For questions specifically about your existing First Data Canada/TD Bank merchant account, please contact those entities using the contact information they have provided on your monthly merchant statements. First Data Canada can also be reached at 888-263-1938.