Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Payroc?

Payroc is iTransact’s parent company. You may receive communications from iTransact or Payroc.

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What does iTransact do?

iTransact provides merchant accounts. A merchant account is what any entity needs to accept credit and debit cards.

If you have an iTransact account for your Unfranchise, your customers can pay you with credit and debit cards – anytime, anywhere. They can pay you either face-to-face (via the smart phone app) or via your portal. Either way, their payment goes directly into your checking account.

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Why do I need iTransact?

Simply put, you’ll sell more product. Market America’s top retailers have iTransact accounts. There are three main benefits to having iTransact for your Unfranchise:

• For your portal: When you have iTransact and someone purchases MA products on your portal, their payment and their order information go to you. That means you get to choose whether you want Market America to drop-ship the order or if you want to deliver it from your inventory. You also get to choose where and when to place the BV.

• For in-person sales: With the iTransact mobile app, you can take card payments anytime, anywhere, for your Market America products, trainings, and even extra tickets to upcoming events. You can also use the iTransact Virtual Terminal to enter payments on your computer for new or recurring sales.

• For referrals: If you have an iTransact account for your Unfranchise, you can earn residual BV by referring outside businesses to iTransact. Read more about the referral program.

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How do I sign up?

Sign up HERE.

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What does it cost?

For Unfranchise Owners, an iTransact account is $100 for your first year of service and $59 per year thereafter. For each transaction, you pay 2.6% of the total when you use a card reader, or 3% when you don’t. That’s it. More details here.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have an iTransact account and a customer purchases MA product on your portal, MA charges you a 3% admin fee to process the payment (so you’d be paying that amount regardless). When you have iTransact, MA’s 3% admin fee goes away.

Note that some UFOs who have had iTransact for more than a few years may have what we now call an iTransact MA Pro account. Those accounts have different pricing.

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What is the difference between MA Pro and MA Lite?

In practical terms, just the pricing. Prior to 2013, the only kind of iTransact account available to UFOs came with a monthly service fee. Those monthly-fee accounts came to be called MA Pro because they included some features unavailable on the MA Lite accounts. That’s no longer the case. If you still have a MA Pro account (i.e., if you are still paying a monthly service fee), you’d be better off opening a MA Lite account – but then remember to close your MA Pro account because it’s not closed automatically.

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How and when do I pay?

At the time of your signup, you pay for your first year of service ($100) with a credit or debit card. Subsequent years ($59) will be billed to the same card, so if your card number or expiration date changes, be sure to let iTransact know. (You purchase a full year of service at a time, but you can cancel at any time if you don’t wish to renew for additional years.)

At the beginning of each month, we will tabulate the transaction fees for your previous month’s sales. These fees, together with Market America’s Cashback rewards amounts (more info*), will be billed to your checking account around the 10th of the month. (This is the same checking account into which your customers’ payments are deposited.)

*Please Refer to answer for “How do MA Cashback (Paid-to-Shop) rewards work with iTransact orders?

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How long does setup take? How will I know when it’s done?

iTransact setup typically takes no more than a few days from the time you submit your setup information. When it’s ready, you will be notified by email. We will also communicate your iTransact account information to Market America; they’ll attach it to your portal for you.

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What card types can I accept?

All four major card types: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. You can accept credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards, as long as they are branded with one of these four card types.

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How do I know when I receive an order?

When an order is placed through your portal, you will receive a “back office alert” from Market America. You’ll simply check a box in your back office notifying Market America either that you want them to drop-ship the order or that you’re taking care of it yourself.

Each time a payment is made through your iTransact account – whether it comes through your portal or you enter it yourself – it will appear in the “Transaction Listing” of your iTransact Control Panel. You can click on a transaction for all the details. Be sure to check your transaction listing regularly – preferably on a daily basis.

Additionally, at the time of each transaction, iTransact sends you a confirmation email with the order details. Remember that emails sometimes get blocked or filtered, however, so make it a habit to check your transaction listing regularly.

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What do I do when someone orders Market America products through my portal?

A key advantage to having an iTransact account is that your customers’ orders (and payments) go directly to you, like they would if you had accepted cash or a check. With each order, you have the advantage of being able to choose: Do you want to fill the order from your existing inventory, or do you want Market America to drop-ship the order for you? To have Market America fill the order, go to your back office; your portal orders are displayed there. Select the order and click “Send Order to Market America”; Market America will ship the products to your customer and charge you your distributor cost.

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What do I do when someone orders Partner Store products through my portal?

Nothing! Since Partner Store sales are made by each Partner Store, not by you, you do not collect payment or deliver product in these cases, and the Partner Store sales are not listed in your iTransact transaction listing.

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How do I process card payments received in person or over the phone?

For in-person payments, use the mobile app. You can get it in either the App Store (Apple devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices) by searching “Market America”

The mobile app allows you to type in your customer’s card number, or to swipe it in using an optional card reader.

For in-person or over-the phone payments, you may also use the Virtual Terminal, which is available in your Control Panel.

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How and when do I receive my money?

Funds from credit card sales are deposited into your checking account approximately 2-3 business days after your customer’s payment is made. (Business days are Monday-Friday, not including bank holidays.) Note that if you choose to have Market America drop-ship an order for you, they will charge you your Distributor cost immediately for the order, so you may want to wait 2-3 days before sending the order to MA, or keep enough extra money in your checking account to cover the gap.

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Can I use iTransact to sell non-Market America items?

Your iTransact is approved for the sale of Market America products (including Nutrametrix and Motives products), but not unrelated items. If you would like a separate merchant account for the sale of other products or services, however, iTransact can help you with that. For more details, see What (and How Much) Can I Sell?

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How do BV and IBV work with iTransact orders?

The same way they do with all sales: Your Market America product sales earn BV, and Partner Store sales earn IBV. One of the advantages to having an iTransact account is that you can place your BV in any of your business centers on a sale-by-sale basis (rather than having it automatically go into Autoplacement), and you can control the timing of your BV placement (by opting to delay sending an order to MA).

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How do MA Cashback (Paid-to-Shop) rewards work with iTransact orders?

When your customers buy Market America products on your portal, they receive cashback rewards (usually 2-3% of the product price) that they can redeem on future purchases. If you do not have an iTransact account, these reward amounts are funded via reductions to your sales profits. When you do have iTransact, you receive the full transaction amounts, and then the rewards are drawn from your checking account once a month (together with your transaction fees).

When your customer redeems the cashback amount on a future purchase, the amount is deposited to your account on file at Market America.

When Market America lists promotional items with a high cashback percentage (say, 30% instead of 3%), you do not fund the rewards on these items. Instead, these special purchases bypass you and your iTransact account; they are transacted and shipped directly by Market America.

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How does sales tax work with iTransact orders?

Please see this explanation.

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How do I change the checking account linked to my iTransact account?

Your iTransact account is linked to a checking account of your choice for deposit of your customers’ payments and withdrawal of your fees.

To update your checking account on file, please send an email to or call us at 1-800-369-6451.

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How do I change my contact email address that iTransact uses?

Please use the Account Settings interface in the Control Panel. To do this, log into the Transaction Control Panel and select “Account Settings.”

You will want to click on “Merchant Settings” then “Company Info.”

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I have a merchant account for another business. Can I use it for Market America?

According to Visa and MasterCard regulations, each business type requires its own merchant account. To get a merchant account approved for the sale of Market America products, sign up here.

If you have an existing merchant account for another business, you can continue to use it for that business. iTransact can likely save you money on that merchant account too, however, so be sure to refer it through the referral program.

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What about fraud?

It is unlikely that you will receive a fraudulent order, but as a merchant accepting credit cards, you need to be aware that there are some dishonest people out there. There are some features in place to help you deal with them:

If someone attempts to order from you using a card that (a) has been reported lost or stolen, (b) is blocked by the card-issuing bank, and/or © does not have enough available credit on it to complete the purchase, the transaction will not succeed and you will not receive the order.

All orders are run through an Address Verification System (AVS) to determine whether or not the address the customer provided matches the information on file with his/her card issuer. The AVS response is included in your transaction confirmation email as well as in the transaction listing in your Control Panel. Please pay attention to the AVS response and use it to help determine whether you want to ship product. If you’d like, iTransact can automatically void all orders for which the address does not match; please contact us to arrange this.

You will receive all customers’ information as entered (e.g., address, phone, and email address) and are always welcome to contact them for additional information.

If you ever receive an order from someone you are suspicious of (or choose not to do business with), you are not required to ship product. You can return the payment by voiding or crediting it back through the transaction listing in your Control Panel.

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How do I get answers to additional iTransact questions?

Please call iTransact at 1-800-369-6451. Please be sure to include your 9-digit Unfranchise ID (Distributor ID) and, for faster service, your 5- or 6-digit iTransact Gateway ID.

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How do I sign up for or get answers to questions about the web portal, MAWebCenters, Shop Local, Partner Stores, GMTSS, etc.?

Please contact Market America directly with questions about these or any Internet service besides iTransact. Market America can be reached at 336-478-4001.

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