Change American Express Card Acceptance

This page is for MA Distributors who already have an American Express merchant number to accept American Express cards. If you have not previously set up American Express acceptance, click here instead.

Good News! Market America distributors are now able to add American Express card acceptance with no additional monthly fee. This provides a savings of $7.95 per month—over $95 per year!

Reminder: American Express charges merchants higher per-transaction fees than other card types. The discount rate (i.e., the per-transaction percentage fee) for American Express is 3.50%. (For other card types it is 2.37%.) Also, American Express charges an additional 15 cents per transaction above the standard authorization fees. (Click here for the prices/fees page.)

American Express Service Change Form

To change from the monthly fee-based American Express service to the no monthly fee service, you need to complete and sign a simple form. To get the form, please call iTransact’s Market America team at 801-951-8250 (Mon-Fri 8-5 Mountain).

You only need to complete the starred fields on the form.

  • The field that says Merchant Number: (16 Digits) is your iPayment merchant number. You can find your iPayment merchant number on your monthly iPayment merchant statements. If you are unable to locate it, please contact iTransact.
  • The field that says Merchant Account # / SE Number is your current American Express merchant number. You can find your American Express merchant number on your American Express merchant statements.

Once you have completed the form, please fax it to iTransact at 801-951-8222. (Or you can scan and email it to iTransact will review it for accuracy and forward it to iPayment.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the process to be completed. Once your new American Express service is activated, your monthly American Express information (transaction fees, etc.) will appear on your iPayment merchant statement; you will no longer receive a separate American Express merchant statement.